Cremtion urnsBuying an urn is not something one wants to do pleasingly. But, this is something that can not be ignored or avoided when needed. We all have to do it at some point in our lives. Everyone, at a time or other, comes up with the need of buying cremation urns or caskets, may be unwillingly though. Here are some ideas you may need to have.

First, think of the situation when you go to a funeral home or crematorium and find not a suitable urn to purchase from the options that are offered? In this situation, you are left not with option but to bury your loved one in those unattractive plastic or cardboard boxes. A survey suggests that approx 50%-70% people avoid buying urns from funeral home because of minimum option. There is not much difference in the urns whether you spend $500 or $1,800 there, the boxes are all alike. Many people feel shocked and sad when they find nothing but a plastic or cardboard box when you go there to collect the ashes.

The perfect choice for choosing an urn can be one with customized features or in some way suits to person’s characteristics inside, and at the same time, sufficiently serve the purpose you have with the ashes of the deceased.

You need to have a clear idea about what you would like to do with the remains? Here are some commonly opted for options:

1. You may bury the ashes.

2. You may scatter the ashes.

3. You may leave them in your home until eternity let your coming generations decide what to do with it.

4. You may place them in a mausoleum.

5. You may divide the ashes between family members.

6. You may want to take them along for a memorial service and then choose an option from above.

In case of burying ashes in the ground, you may have to seek permission from the cemetery and check there requirements. There are many, and still growing, “Green Cemeteries” in the here that only permit burial of biodegradable urns. Many cemeteries publish guidelines for users in this respect.


Scattering ashes can be done in various ways. Some of the prominent stories of scattering ashes are about people who placed the ashes of their loved ones off of boats and let the wind blow it back into the person’s face. Some other persons have used aircraft for the purpose. It is true that the urn may not hamper what you want to do with ashes but buying a biodegradable urn may spare you from troubles later. A biodegradable bag will be a good thing if you plan to drift the ashes away in a lake, stream or reservoir. This will also save you from any problem you might otherwise have with wind or waves. This in fact is the eco-friendly way to perform the task without affecting environment. If you want to scatter ashes later, you should select an urn for scattering ashes you should buy an urn with memory chest or one that can accommodate photos and other mementos too. Another benefit of buying biodegradable bag is that it can hold keepsakes too. Some urns are available in the market that can be used in water. You can search for biodegradable urns online or consult your crematorium director for assistance. Also make sure that you have received legal permission if you are going to scatter ashes on someone else’s property. This may also require a permit. I know many persons who what they want with remains without asking or telling any one about it.

Those who want to keep remains in their houses need to keep it away from the reach of young children or pets. Another thing that one must keep in mind while buying an urn is its weight. Those cast in bronze can be too heavy to be carried along when you need to clean them or move to other place. It is better if you can decide in advance how you would like your ashes be treated after you are gone. Some people mention this in their will and may also put a note on the bottom of the urn.